River Plate and Santa Rosa de la Calamuchita

The highlight of the trip for Claire so far appears to be the bidet in our bathroom in the hostel in Buenos Aires. I am inclined to disagree and say it was the River v Argentinos Juniors on Sunday night. Although there were no goals, there were 2 red cards, a few tricks and flicks and plenty of theatrical diving. The atmosphere was pretty special, our guide tried to teach us some of the songs but we contented ourselves with looking like the tourists we were and smiling and clapping.

Back at the hostel after the game, i thought i better just check my emails to see if the hostel we had booked in Santa Rosa had emailed to confirm they would meet us at the bus station. Lucky i did as it turned out that they had checked the time our bus was supposed to arrive and discovered that our bus was headed for Santa Rosa La Pampa, not Santa Rosa de la Calamuchita. After a little panic, we decided that we would head to the bus station nice and early and see if we could change our bus tickets and if not, just get on and cross our fingers. Fortunately the bus company were really helpful and changed us to a bus going to the right place that evening. We then spent our unexpected extra day in Buenos Aires eating the food we had bought for the bus and enjoying the lovely weather in the parks.

The bus journey was a cheeky 10 hours – a nice short one to start us off and was the height of luxury – reclining seats, a toilet, even food and drink provided, but most importantly, it was going to the right destination! The hostel we are staying in at the moment is just outside the town and is run by a very friendly South African and Russian couple. They are currently stoking up the fire outside for a meat feast of steak and Argentinian sausage…

Today we went to visit a town called Villa General Belgrano, founded by sailors from the Admiral Graf Spee after it was scuttled in 1940. It is full of Bavarian style beer houses and german chocolate shops and restaurants selling bratwurst. Bizarre. When we have a better internet connection I will try and upload some photos.

That;s all for now – my steak is calling!

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4 Responses to River Plate and Santa Rosa de la Calamuchita

  1. Emily says:

    Claire, the bidet? Really?? And what’s all this about buses with reclining seats and so forth? Tsk… call this travelling…
    Only teasing, I’m glad your journey to Santa Rosa was ok, and was to the right Santa Rosa in the end! How long do you think you’ll be staying there for?
    Look forward to seeing those piccies when you get better internet.
    Lots of love.

  2. Kate says:

    I’m with Emily…the bidet?! How very retro of you hun! Are you using it?! You guys I’m so envious right now, what an amazing adventure 😀 lots of love x off to dream of Claire on the bidet x

  3. James says:

    Just to clarify, although Claire did enjoy the bidet, she has asked me to say that it has NOT been the highlight of the trip so far – it has to be buses with reclining seats – they really are amazing!

  4. Dad says:

    I suppose the next level of luxury would be a bus with reclining seats and a bidet! Of course the bidet is now more useful for washing clothes( I hope)! Cant wait to see some photos. Love Dad

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