Wine tasting in Mendoza

Well…I´m going to keep this very short as all the wine has taken effect!

As you may have gathered we have arrived in Mendoza and we have nicely settled into a vine way of life (get it…vine…fine???!!? I know but it´s been a loooong day!). We have spent the day cycling around vineyards and trying ALOT of wine, in fact the screen is definitely wobbling as I type. We haven´t learnt a huge amount about wine but it has all been delicious! Miriam – we met your twin – an Irish girl called Jo who not just looks like you but acts like you too so we made the most of her excellent (!) sense of humour and spent the day with her and her man who and very enjoyable it was too!

It´s St Patrick´s day tomorro so it is possible that we might make an appearance at the Irish Bar in town in the evening…how is it that they appear everywhere?! During the day we are going to relax in one of the parks in the city. One of the things that has struck us about Argentina is both the number of parks and the quantity of trees throughout the cities.

Anyway, to those we promised some more details, apologies, but the WiFi here isn´t working and we´re limited in access to a computer in the hostel. Uploading pictures will have to wait.

Take care all and keep safe!

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1 Response to Wine tasting in Mendoza

  1. Miriam says:

    Another me???? My mummy always said I was adopted……
    Well, Happy St Patrick’s Day. Enjoy that Irish bar, although sounds like you need no encouragement. I’m off to discuss hookworms over a green guinness in what sounds like an equally distasteful bar called Pogue Mahone! (under duress of course!) x

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