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  1. Kate Hopkinson says:

    Great ! I’m so pleased we’ll be able to follow your progress – and yes, it will be wonderful to show your grandchildren 🙂
    Fabulous banner photo – I am green with envy…
    Kate / J’s Mum

  2. Emily Saumarez says:

    Clopkinson! Ha!

    Very swanky blog. Looking forward to reading all about your travels while you’re away. Going to miss you guys… *sniff* Hope you have the time of your lives though, I’m sure you’ll try your hardest!

    See you soon.

  3. Christine Halliday says:

    At last I found how to post a comment. I’m really excited we will be able to follow your travels although I can see I’m in danger of being dragged into the electronic age by this. Only one month to go now – or only 7 until you are back, missing you already. Have the most fantastic time. Mum/Chris

  4. Dad says:

    Well , I dont know about grandchildren, but I will be following everything. It will save you having to send stuff to here there and every where. See you soon , Love Dad

  5. Lexi says:

    Fabulous party!! What a send off. Hope you have an amazing time and tell us all about it in the blog. I’ll miss you! Have fun and look after yourselves!

  6. Fred says:

    Well I knew about the engagement, but I’d missed the grandchildren bit. Are they with Tracey? Avram G. (not so) Rant

  7. James says:

    Just to clear this up before it gets out of hand, grandchildren are neither expected nor desired at this precise moment in time! Should anything change, it will obviously be announced on this blog…

  8. Kate Hopkinson says:

    Love the new photos – some make me shiver just to look at them….I notice food seems to figure quite a lot 🙂 . The landscapes / waterfalls/ glacier scapes are stunning. Are you going to go as far south as Tierra del Fuego ? I don’t know whether the Easter Bunny goes as far as Patagonia, but may the Easter armadillo smile upon you ! Lots of love,
    Kate / J’s Mum

  9. Fred says:

    So evocative! Wish we were back there…. Looks like the trip is as much about silly hats as Argentina’s famous steaks, empanadas, tamales etc., not to mention the chocolate…. They do a mean kebab at the parilla in the town of Iguassu (Argentinean side) with very good wine and veggies AND do try the ice cream at the gelateria there – very Italian!! And don’t forget to wear another great hat, possibly waterproof – you should have seen Viv soaked from the boat and the Falls; NOT a pretty sight. Enjoy!! It distracts from relegation in a very timely way.

  10. Emily says:

    You’ve got some incredible photos there, very impressive!

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