Safe and sound

It’s day 4 in Buenos Aires and it feels like we’ve been away forever and at the same time that it was only yesterday we were busy beavering away writing handover notes (and those were just for the flat – sorry Tracey!).

I could certainly get used to this: croissants and coffee for breakfast, wondering the streets of this chic city, lunch somewhere (we’re having so much Italian food it’s coming out of our ears…but it’s ok, apparently it’s the Italian influence so it’s all part of getting into the culture isn’t it?!). Then siesta late afternoon and up for drinks and steak when we would usually be going to bed back home. It’s a hard life.

We’ve explored the famous Recoleta cemetery, walked around the plush Puerto Madera area (and watched them shoot a beer advert) and went searching for some tango (nearly failed but eventually just came across some couples performing in the street – amazing).

We’re staying in BA til Monday, as we’ve booked tickets to a River Plate match on Sunday night…we just need to figure out the colours of the opposition so we make sure we don’t wear them! We’ve also begun to plan our route down south. We might have fallen at the first hurdle though as we can’t find a hostel with availablity in the next place we want to go…

We’re just about getting there with our Spanish too…it’s not exactly flooding back but it makes such a difference to be able to get the gist and then more or less communicate back! We’ve found it really odd that there’s not more English / Americans here..even at our hostel I think we’re the only English speakers! And strangely, there are so many native Argentinians that look so European..fair hair and pale skin (to the point that someone came up to me yesterday asking for directions in Spanish!) – who would imagine?!

Anyway, I better sign off before my ramblings become totally incoherent!

Love to everyone and hope all is ok…

Gina – well done on little William!! Good luck over next few weeks!
Laura – email me when you hear date?
LC – Apparently the ice-cream is meant to be phenomenal, but would you believe I haven’t tried it yet?! So don’t worry..that’s the mission today..I’m doing it in honour of you all.

PS. It’s 29 degrees here. Just to make you sick.

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6 Responses to Safe and sound

  1. Kate Hopkinson says:

    Great to hear how it’s going ! The street scene tango sounds fabulous ( not to mention the afternoon siestas ). I ran into Rosemary in the High Street today, and she was green with envy…said it’s all she can do to get Rick as far as France, so not much hope of S. America.
    Are you taking photos ??
    Enjoy the football, and hope you manage to sort a hostel for the next step south.
    Lots of love,
    Kate / J’s Mum x

  2. Lexi says:

    Wow, glad to hear you’re having such a good time! I just googled River Plate to find out what it was 🙂 Tango in the street sounds wonderful – a totally different attitude to life. Enjoy! Love, Lexi

  3. Dad says:

    Hope you got the right colours for the football, the sun is shining today, but 28′ sounds a better temp, it is so cold here. Are you going to have Tango lessons? My dislexia made it rad ‘watched them shoot bear’ and I couldn’t read on any further imaginging the sight…. then I saw it was beer …. and advert!!! Love Dad

  4. Sheilagh says:

    Sounds fabulous! Hope you two joined in the street tango. Depending on how much drink had been consumed probably! Impressed that your Spanish is flooding back! Surprised there are so few English speaking people staying with you. Lucky you’ve got each other! Hope you found somewhere nice to stay on the second stop.
    Green with envy!

    Lots of love, Sheilagh

  5. Viv says:

    Just wear red and white – their colours – and sympathise with them over letting Maradona go to Boca and you’ll be fine!! V&Fxx

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