9 Working Days

Nine working days. That’s all I’ve got left before our advenure (nearly!) starts. And to be honest, I still can’t believe it. The months seems to have gone as quick as a jiffy and although in some ways we’ve been planning everything (yes – I have been packed for over a month now. Really….) there seems so much that we haven’t even looked at. For some bizarre reason actually deciding on an itinerary, the first night’s hotel, even the order of the countries we will visit has become so much more daunting than any of our previous travels. Perhaps it’s just the length of time that we’ll be away that makes it so hard to comprehend or the complete lack of pressure to actually come down one way or the other. But I suppose that is the whole idea of this time away from the “real” world – to NOT have a plan and to learn not to worry about it. Our exciting news last week though is that we have potentially sorted out some work in Argentina for a month. I won’t go into too much detail at the moment in case it doesn’t work out, but at least that would give us some kind of timescale / destination for the months ahead. So as we struggle through our last few weeks of handovers / training / rabies jabs / reattaching-radiators-so-Tracey-doesn’t-freeze I’m thinking the way forward is to relish the last mania of over zealous life-planning of our London-lives so that we are truly ready to throw ourselves into 6 months of freedom.

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