56 days to go…

So, with Christmas and the New Year out of the way we can really start getting excited about our trip. And apparently that includes this fancy blog. A lot of the stuff we write in this blog really isn’t going to be of much interest to anyone except ourselves and perhaps our closest family members (but even they will probably either get bored or pissed off with out endless pictures of glorious beaches). But I think in the years to come we will be grateful for having this to look back through and remind us of the events of March – August 2011.

For those that don’t know, the route is roughly as follows:

  • Fly into Buenos Aires – 1st March
  • Travel around Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil and Chile (route as yet unplanned)
  • Fly from Santiago to Easter Island – 24th June
  • Fly from Easter Island to Tahiti – 29th June
  • Fly from Tahiti to New Zealand – 11th July
  • Fly from New Zealand to Sydney – 24th July
  • Fly from Sydney to Tokyo – 27th July
  • Fly from Tokyo back to sunny England – 13th August

Please note any/all family/friends are very welcome to join us for a short(!) period of the trip particularly if you speak Portuguese or Japanese or wish to upgrade our accommodation.

Anyway, that’s enough for a first post. More will follow in due course…

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