Buenos Aires…again!

Returning to Buenos Aires was not in the initial plan but it allowed us to retake some pictures we’d taken first time round that were on the camera that was stolen and also go to a tango show which we didn’t get round to before.

We ended up staying in a hostel just outside of the San Telmo district we stayed in before as Easter weekend had resulted in an influx of tourists filling up all nice hostels. The area wasn’t too special and each time a moped zoomed by we tensed up remembering our unpleasant incident in Mendoza. On the plus side, the internet was really quick so we were able to spend hours reading thousands and thousands of reviews of extortionately expensive tango shows each of which gave conflicting reports to try and decide which one to go to. In the end we gave up and went to San Telmo planning to wander round and have a look at a few of the venues and see if that helped us make our decision. First we went to Taconeando and were immediately collared by one of the dancers. After a bit of hard bargaining, we got a 3 course meal and the show for just over half it was officially advertised for.

The food wasn’t spectacular favouring quantity over quality but bits were certainly imaginative: a starter of thinly sliced roast beef served cold in a creamy tuna and anchovy sauce. As we got there quite early, we had prime seats, close enough to see the action, far enough away not to be kicked by a swinging dancer’s leg. The show had a live band and was interspersed with some singers but it was the dancing that was the best bit. While I have no idea if the dancing was technically proficient, it was good enough for me and had plenty of emotion and arguably better footwork than we saw at the River Plate football game. Scantily clad female dancers being thrown around by dark, brooding males made for a very enjoyable evening. We both, however, managed to resist the invitation to get up on stage afterwards and dance with the professionals…

The rest of Buenos Aires was fairly uneventful compared to the show. We enjoyed the sun and warm weather we were so desperate for down south. We retraced some of our steps from 8 weeks ago and replaced some missing photos. And wishing to live up to the unofficial subtext of this trip which, according to Janet is “the Clopkinsons eat their way round South America”, we found an “all you can eat” Chinese restaurant and gave it an absolute battering.

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